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Millennium - Time Works Plus Integration Updates

I love how well the Millennium - Time Works Plus Integration works, but there need to be more options when mapping data. We need to be able to sale Swipe Clock and PayEntry to our clients as a single point of entry system, but currently there isn't a seamless sync between the two. The Service Bureau Utility does not sync pay rates properly and this has caused major problems. I like the integration much better b/c there are no scripts to figure out. Can the below items be added to the integration. 

1. Sync the Birth date when the Birthday rule is enabled.
2. Add Employee ID to the mapping for Card Login.
3. Employee type in M3 does not currently sync to Employee Type in TWP. Can this be add or a way to map?
4. I am only able to map up to 3 Home fields? Would be best if we can map all 9 Home fields.
5. I am only able to map Default Pay Rate, Rate1, Rate 2, and Rate 3. We need the ability to map all 9 pay rates b/c we have clients that use clock prompts to pay a certain rate and all 9 rates are being used. 
6. We need a way to map CC1- CC5 to a Home field for scripting purposes. 
7. Supervisor is currently pulling supervisor ID only, which is a number or a code in M3, this puts that code or number in the supervisor field in TWP. Is there a way to have it pull the name of the supervisor instead? Since this drives time off request emails.

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  • Sep 10 2019
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