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Movable Columns on the Time Card for a customized view for the client.

Hello Team

           (I have found a band-aid fix for this, though not the answer I was looking for, it could work in a pinch. See below. - Bobby Bowden - Payality (Original writer of this request.))

As you know, the Time Card view within the TWP system can, at times, get a little messy if the client has multiple "Clock Prompts". And, at such times, it would be nice for the clients to be able to set up the Time Card View that best serves their needs, and makes sense to them. This has the added benefit of relieving stress on the client. And a happy client is a long time client.

Now I know it is possible to do such a thing, you currently allow the columns to be moved around on the "Employee Setup" screen, so what I and the client are asking for is the ability to set that up, as a "Preference" that can be saved in the system for them, so that every time that they look at the time cards, it looks exactly as they need, or want, it to look. This could even be an option that you add to the "Processing Rules", where the column order can be setup and edited for the client. We don't want to omit any columns, just have the ability to adjust their order. 

UPDATE! (03/07/2018)

I have found a band-aid fix for this. The "Field Name" (found within the "Clock Prompt" setup) must be in Alphabetical order. Regardless of Prompt Type ( Web, Labor, Numeric) and regardless of the "Column Header" name.

So, say that you want a prompt/ column called "Project", and another called "Department", you would write that in the "Field Name" field, within the Clock Prompt setup, and they would appear on the time card in this order: "Department", then "Project", following alphabetical order. But if you wanted "Project" to appear first, then you could type it like this in the "Field Name":  "AProject".     You could then give it the "Column Header" name of "Project", but regardless of the "Column Header" name, it would now appear in this order: "Project", then "Department".

If you had multiple Clock prompts/ Columns, and you wanted them to appear in a certain order, then you would start each one with a different leading letter. For Example: "ALocation", "BProject", "CAccount", etc...

Please note, if you are using this Alphabetical order structure with your Prompts, then you will have to use it in your scripting, if you are referencing these clock prompts. You would have to reference them as "ALocation", or "BProject", or whatever name you gave them. If you don't the script will not be able to run correctly.

Thank you

Bobby Bowden


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  • May 22 2017
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