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PTO Balance showing in REAL TIME

When employees go into the ESS to request time off it only shows the balance as of the end of the pay period.  This means an employee can go in and request hours (thinking they have them) and they don't know that they are actually in the negative until they run the accrual ledger report. So in essence the time off being showed on the timecard should reflect what is in the accrual ledger report. See the images for an example, if shy goes into the ESS she will see she has hours when she doesn't.

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  • May 3 2017
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  • Mar 5, 2019

    Admin response

    This is available in the new time off request page.

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    4 May, 2017 12:40pm

    Hi there,


    I want to point out that the employee can determine their actual balance on their timecard.  You will notice three columns at the bottom of the time card: Balance as of..., Planned Time Off, Balance including Planned Time Off.  Planned Time Off will reflect any Approved Time Off beyond the current period.  These same columns are also included under Add New Time Off Request in the Time Off Request section.

    That said, I agree with Glenn in that these same columns need to be represented on the Time Off Request Approval page for managers.  When a manager goes to approve/deny a request, their page only lists the balance as off the end of the period (also shown in Glenn's screenshots).  If a manager wants the planned time off information, they need to check the employee's timecard.  I would prefer to see same information available on both the EE and Manager Time Off Request pages.