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Swipeclock System Status - Change UTC time to Swipeclock's Local Time

Most people know Swipeclock is in the Mountain Time zone.  When posting messages about system issues, it is confusing to  to translate the UTC time to our local time.  Everyone in the continental US can easily translate time from the 4 time zones to their own local time but not everyone can easily translate UTC time to their local time.  It would help to just display the time as 3:14pm MST instead of Sep 8, 21:14 UTC.  That's an example!  I don't know if I converted the time correctly, but 3:14pm MST is easily translated to my local time of 2:14pm CDT or CST, whichever it is. 


I don't like having to "think" about when issues are reported by Swipeclock on their system status while we dealing with clients asking when the system will be back to normal.

Please consider this simple change ASAP.

Thank you!

Frank Jones,

C.P.U., Inc.

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  • Sep 11 2017
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  • Bill Masur commented
    1 Dec, 2017 11:28pm

    Hi Frank,

    Unfortunately the UTC time is coming from statuspage.io which is a separate service we use to push this information. This is not a native swipeclock service rather a third-party service that we pay to use and unfortunately UTC is how all timing is done.

    One thing to note is that if we're going to do maintenance we always put the actual Mountain Times of the maintenance window in the notification. UTC is simply system generated from status page. Thanks and I hope that helps.