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Spanish support on clock, mobile & ESS interfaces

Create Spanish capability so that either the clock, clock prompts or the web clock can be presented in Spanish when designated by the proper field within the Employee Setup information.
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  • Jun 23 2016
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  • Jan 31, 2020

    Admin response

    This is partially in development. We are working on a new mode for TimeWorksTouch which will support Spanish.

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    12 Nov, 2020 06:44pm

    One of the most requested ideas and I am here again to express the need for Spanish versions of our online services, including new hire onboarding and HUB products. Please update us on this implementation. Thanks!

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    29 Oct, 2019 06:39pm

    In Central California this is becoming a must have, would love to see SwipeClock implement this.

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    17 Jul, 2019 03:48pm

    I agree, this is a necessity for employers in the agricultural world. We see this need very frequently in Central and Northern California. 

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    28 Feb, 2019 05:13pm

    Our sister payroll company is outside DC.  They said the area is majority Spanish speaking and cannot provide a time clock service to them without Spanish capabilities.  They would like to see the mobile app offered in Spanish.  

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    9 Feb, 2018 07:24pm

    I have a client with about 75% of his work base being of spanish decent.  His employees are unable to use the system to it's fullest capabilities.  They are unable to submit time off requests, etc.  They have to turn all of into a supervisor who turns around and enters the information.  This puts allot of extra work on the supervisors .  With this client growing I am afraid he will leave due to the lack of ability to have options on the ESS and Mobile app to change the language to Spanish.

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    15 Aug, 2017 01:52pm

    This would be a great feature to get added. A large portion of our client base is Spanish speaking and would benefit greatly from this.