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Make clock prompts optional for Break, Lunch, and Transfer buttons

Right now if you setup a clock prompt to collect information when an employee clocks out for the day, it will present the employee with the prompts when they use the [BREAK START], [LUNCH START], [TRANSFER], and [OUT] buttons.  Some clients have prompts setup that they only want or should only be answered once at the end of the day, upon the employee's final out punch.

When setting up clock prompts to gather information when an employee clocks out, it would be especially helpful and beneficial if you could choose which buttons triggered the prompt.  E.g. for data collected on clock outs, present the user with four checkboxes labeled "Break Start," "Lunch Start," "Transfer," and "Out."  Then, only present the employee with the prompt when they hit the button(s) the accountant or client has setup to trigger the clock prompt to appear.

Conversely, the same logic should apply to in punches and the [BREAK END], [LUNCH END], and [IN] buttons.

Perhaps this can be part of the existing initiative for targeted clock prompts?

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  • Oct 13 2017
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