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TS - E-mails to employees w/schedule should include approved time off

The purpose of this idea is to allow employees of TS clients to see any approved time off they have posted when the schedule is published and they receive an e-mail or text with their upcoming schedule.  This will give employees a more complete overview of their schedule and avoid any confusion that may result in them asking management to confirm they're being paid for their time off.

Right now when you publish a schedule, employees who are due to be notified that the schedule was published receive a copy of their schedule by e-mail or text.  If the employee has any approved time off in the pay period they're receiving their schedule for, it is not referenced at all in the e-mail or text they receive.

In the first attached file that shows my TS schedule on the TS website, you can see that I am scheduled all week with an approved time off request on Friday, March 15th, 2019.  I would expect the e-mail or text I receive with my schedule to mirror those entries, including the time off posted for Friday.

In the second attached file that shows my TS schedule from the TS e-mail I received, there is no reference to Friday, March 15th at all.  The e-mail just shows me as being scheduled Monday - Thursday.  It doesn't confirm that I have approved time off on Friday.  This could lead employees to think they're not scheduled to be paid for their time off and cause them to question their managers unnecessarily.

By including days where the employee has approved time off in the e-mails they receive outlining their schedule, the employee will know for sure that they are slated to be paid for their requested time off and will be afforded a more accurate, complete view of their upcoming work week.  Thank you for any and all consideration!

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  • Feb 22 2019
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