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Alert When Requested Time Off is Greater Than Available Balance

As I have been helping a client set up some basic accruals, they inquired if there was an alert available for times when an employee requests too much time off. I think this would be beneficial to employees and managers. Employees would receive a simple pop-up that may say something along the lines of "The time requested exceeds the available balance. This could potentially result in unpaid time off!" From there, they could either revise their request or choose to submit it anyway. While I understand that many policies allowing paid negative balances exist, this could help the employee be more aware of their current situation, and could help Supervisors by reducing the amount of time having to review individual balances and track Conditionally Approved requests.

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  • Aug 16 2018
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    1 Aug, 2019 06:45pm

    I would also like to see this provide employers the option to not allow employees to request more time off than they have available.

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    1 May, 2019 06:18pm

    Taking this one step further, we would want this to be checking the available balance as of the date being requested off, not the balance effective the current pay period.  For example, if I have 40 hours available today, with 40 hours of approved time off later this month, a time off request for July should check:

    • what is my balance in July
    • whether or not the hours I am requesting will put me negative

    We would want a prompt to both employees when they make the request AND a prompt to managers when they are reviewing/approving the request.