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Automatically zero out existing TOR balances if the TOR category is removed from the AccrueUpScript screen

What this is good for: when a client changes TOR policies and you need new accrual categories to use and are eliminating an existing accrual category.

Recently, we had a client switch how their Sick Pay accruals were being handled and had to eliminate a category called "Accrued Hours" and replace it with a category called "Accrued Sick."

I thought by deleting the "Accrued Hours" category from the AccrueUpScript screen, it would wipe out all historical balances and the values would no longer show for any of the employees since it was no longer an eligible category.  I realized that I was wrong, however, and that even if you delete the category from the AccrueUpScript screen, any balances that were loaded into that category remain.

If an accrual category is being deleted, it would be because it is no longer needed.  Since it is no longer needed, it would be great (and logical) for any remaining balances in that category to automatically clear from all employees.

What I wound up having to do was add the "Accrued Hours" category back in, go into the Maintenance Menu > Accrual Balances screen, manually zero out and expire the balances for every employee, and then delete the category again.  It just seems like extra work that could be streamlined by employing the highlighted methodology.

Thanks for any and all consideration!

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  • Feb 14 2018
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