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Site ID ANYWHERE on the Client Configuration tab Merged

Please put the site ID somewhere other (along with) than the client list.

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  • Jan 25 2018
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    8 May, 2018 03:19pm

    Thanks Ted!

    I didn't know the site code was there as well, I just knew it was available on the Accountant Options > Client List menu.

    I'm hoping SC will still consider adding the site code at the top of the screen next to the client's name so that it is always visible, especially as we move towards this becoming a mandatory field for WebClock and may need to be referenced by the client or employee themselves.

    Additionally, so many times I find myself writing up a support case and then have to stop in the middle, go back to TWP, and load the Client List (or now the Client Level Secret API) screen just to get the site code.  It would be so helpful if it was just in plain sight!

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    7 May, 2018 10:20pm

    The Site ID is available under the Main Menu>Settings>Client Level API Secret Management

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    14 Feb, 2018 06:17pm

    Or rather,,

    My Client's Name (12345)

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    14 Feb, 2018 06:16pm

    Is it possible the Site ID could always appear at the top of the screen in parenthesis next to the client name.

    E.g. right now the top of the screen reads:

    My Client's Name

    Can we keep that and add the Site ID next to it?  So it becomes:

    My Client's Name (123456)