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Text and/or Phone Call Alert for Schedule Deviations

We have a client that used to be on another timekeeping system that would text and/or call the supervisor if an employee didn't show up for their shift. They really miss that feature as they have employees working around the clock and liked that if an employee didn't show up for work in the middle of the night that supervisor would receive a phone call or text. The supervisors do know how to monitor their staff on the mobile app but they would rather not have to check it all the time and just receive a notification if someone doesn't show.

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  • Jun 7 2017
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  • Bill Masur commented
    19 Dec, 2017 09:37pm

    This was released as the "Late/No show" notification that supervisors can receive for TimeSimplicity.  

  • Guest commented
    30 Jun, 2017 03:25pm

    Great! We would love to see this feature in TimeWorksPlus scheduling but at least it'll be an option in TimeSimplicity soon.  Thanks for the update

  • Bill Masur commented
    29 Jun, 2017 11:17pm

    Hey Janice, 

    Thanks for submitting this idea.  This is actually something we are currently working on for TimeSimplicity.  We are calling it a "Late in" notification.  Manager receives the notification when the employee has not clocked in by a pre-defined time.  It will be released to TimeSimplicity in late July-early August timeframe.

    For TimeWorksPlus scheduling, we are in the design phase of a complete redesign of the scheduler and this feature is under consideration, but not certain for the first release.  Hope this helps.