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Making the Conditional Approval Function optional/removing all together

Many of my clients struggle with employees submitting the wrong pay type (ie Union Vacation instead of Non-Union PTO) in requests.  The managers then adjust the category, or the hours being requested, which conditionally approves the request and sends it back to employees.  Their employees are not well aware of the need to approve the changes, however, and these conditionally approved requests will sit there for a long time. Employees sometimes do not see it at all, and are then not paid for time off they take.


Here are several suggestions as to how the function could be improved:

  1. making conditional approvals an optional function
    • Accountant can toggle on or off
    • If its off, employees still have conditional rights, adjusted requests go back to employee
    • if its toggled off, managers can still adjust requests, but then the approval is final
      • employees will receive an email, notifying them of the changes that were made
      • maybe give the employees the option to cancel the request if they have an issue?
        • I can see problems with this type of function, but its a thought
  2. scrap conditional approvals all together
    • This would function similar to when it is toggled off in the above suggestion
      • manager approval final
      • email notifications to employee, detailing changes
  3. Give Manager or Client Level the ability to approve conditional approvals on the behalf of employees
    • This may tied into giving managers the ability to request time on the behalf of employees, which I have seen requested in other ideas
    • Basically, managers could approve the conditional approval for the employee, say when a pay period as ended? Or maybe just in general.

I am happy to answer any other questions about the problems our clients have, but the short story is that employees don't really monitor their conditional requests.  They are more so just requesting time off for days they want, and then never checking again.

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  • Mar 17 2017
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    24 Aug, 2019 01:26am

    I would agree to all of the above and add, give employer ability to delete/remove the conditional time off request after a period of time.  I.e once the date of the time off has passed, let the employer remove the request.  


    I have been told by support, The time off requests will stay in the employee’s time off request screens for a year of the requested off date.

    If the employee does not approve or reject the time off request it will stay in the conditional approvals screen. There is not a way to delete them.”


    This becomes cumbersome and unnecessary over time.