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TS Employee Portal Pickup Shift Function Needs to Show Additional Scheduling Levels

We have many active clients and clients in implementation that schedule to a workgroup, position AND another field which is usually called something like site, venue or location. these are clients like security companies where guards are scheduled to a specific site, home health aids that are assigned to different homes, medics for special events for different accounts the client has. Examples would be, sites numbers: 3889, 48884, 49869 and several others currently in implementation.

The problem:
When an employee drops a shift it goes to the trade board in the TS employee portal, the employee clicks on PICKUP to pickup a shift. The shift is displayed, but all they see is the time, workgroup and position. There is no way to tell what site/venue/location the shift is for until the scheduler approves the trade and it is moved to the employee's schedule. We need the ability to have any additional schedule columns show up or for the employee to be able to double click on the schedule and it opens up to provide more detail.

For all these clients they cannot use the trade board a major feature TimeSimplicity offers that other scheduling systems do not. Clients have to turn off this feature because it is not functioning properly.

The only way to offer the shift to other employees is to have the employees contact the scheduler, the scheduler has to use the who can work this function and manually send out emails/texts that allow them to add the name of the site/venue/location to the dialog box.

We will lose Safety Services, because they push all their schedules to open and the Medics offer to work the shifts which are then moved to Medic'schedule. They do not schedule any Medics it is all a self scheduling.
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  • Jun 23 2016
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