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TWT - Alphabetize list of clients in Register Clock > "Assign clock to" drop-down menu

The purpose of this idea is to make it easier for resellers and clients with multiple sites to perform the initial setup on their TimeWorksTouch clocks by alphabetizing the list of clients in the "Assign clock to" drop-down menu.

Currently, when you have a new TimeWorksTouch clock to assign to a client, when you start the TimeWorksTouch application, you are met with the "Clock registration needed" screen and asked to key in your login credentials.

After you key in your login credentials, you are brought to the "Register clock" screen and the first thing you are prompted to do is choose what client to "Assign [the] clock to" from a drop-down menu of available clients your login as access to.  For an accountant login or a client login with access to multiple sites, you will have multiple clients available to choose from in this drop-down menu.  The order the clients appear in seems completely random and devoid of any sort of logic.

To make this more intuitive to use and help the accountant and client easily locate and assign the clock to the correct client site, it would be helpful if the list of clients in the "Assign clock to" drop-down menu were listed alphabetically.

Listing the order of the clients in the "Assign clock to" drop-down menu alphabetically imparts logic to how the clients are ordered and makes it especially easy for an accountant or client-level login with multiple sites attached to find the right client to assign the timeclock to.  Thank you for any and all consideration!

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  • Aug 1 2018
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