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Implement system to refrain from having to schedule lunches in basic scheduler and no longer receive bogus deviations

Right now when you are using the basic scheduler, if an employee is working a shift where they need to take a lunch break, you need to schedule the lunch break in by creating two sets of shifts.  Shift Start - Lunch Start and Lunch End - Shift End.  E.g. the employee is working 9:00am - 5:30pm with a ½-an-hour lunch.

To schedule this, I would have to use two sets of times and make the first time set 9:00am - 1:00pm and the second set 1:30pm - 5:30pm.  This gives me an 8 hour total, but if the employee goes to lunch at 12:30pm and returns at 1:00pm, I may get a schedule deviation depending on how many minutes grace I've setup before triggering an attendance alert.

I see a way to eliminate the need to schedule in the lunch and receive the bogus scheduling deviations.  Change the way the schedule is entered so that the user only has to enter a starting time and an ending time, in this case 9:00am and 5:30pm, and allow the user to specify 0.50 hours for lunch.

Then, when assessing the attendance alerts, compare the shift start time to the isfirsttoday time and the shift end time to the islasttoday time to see if there were any deviations at the true start or end of the shift and generate notifications for those.

If the employee was scheduled to punch out for a lunch but didn't, have a new scheduling alert icon for "no lunch" (something like a fork and knife with a NO symbol over it) so the admin still has insight into employees who may have worked a "straight 8" hour shift with no lunch and can remedy the situation appropriately.

1) Schedules are now easier to enter in the basic scheduler
2) It doesn't matter what time the employee goes to lunch so long as they go to lunch
3) Attendance alerts are more accurate and true to what the employer would want to see

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  • Feb 6 2018
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