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Time Simplicity: Add function to update/change Employee Notification settings en-mass

Currently, you cannot change multiple employees' notification settings at the same time in Time Simplicity.  The Employee Portal settings only set the default notifications for new employees.  If a client changes their mind about how they want the notifications to apply, the client (or service bureau) must go through and manually update the settings for all of the employees.  This is incredibly time consuming.   There is no work around at this point.  The only advice I have is to be very sure of the notifications a client wants before you import the employees initially, and have the employee portal settings setup accordingly.


For a solution, you could create an import template that allows a user to update the notification rules via an import file.  That seems like a very simple approach that would be very helpful from our end.  A more complex approach would be a utility that allows the client/service bureau to update a select group of employees at once.

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  • Jan 29 2018
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    27 Feb, 2019 03:29pm

    Hi there,

    I see this is updated to "Will not implement".  Do you have a different, planned enhancement, that will address the difficult presented when updating notification settings for employees en mass?


    This issue is specifically relevant to our existing TW+ clients who decide to add-on Time Simplicity.  Due to the integration between the two products, and the new Time Simplicity provisioning process, we have no way to block the existing TW+ EEs from feeding to TS prior to establishing default notification rules.  This means that we must go through and manually change the notifications settings in each employee record.   This is not (so much of) an issue with new TW+ with TS clients, as we hold of on loading employee into TW+ until we have properly set the default notification rules in Time Simplicity.


    Please let me know if I can further clarify this request.  


    Thank you,