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Mandatory Password Change for WebClock 3.0

You all are upgrading things like:

Z34s are now a two factor authentication which creates MORE unmatched punches for my clients.   I have to reprogram or have the clients reprogram all Z34s.

I can no longer delete my test employees with ease.  SC says its for compliance reasons but now my clients have to explain to auditors why the have duplicate employees and test employee with punches.

PLEASE UPGRADE:  My clients using 3.0 would love to just send their employees to the 3.0 version only and not have the employees go to the ESS version 1.2.6500.11686 to change their passwords.  

Am I missing something?


TICKET 26188  says that they are not prompted to change their passwords via ESS version 1.2.6500.11686 but it does.



And WEB 3.0 still does not require a password change by the employees.  Clients hate this.  They want all employees changing their passwords and only want to use one link.


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Sorry for ranting but anymore the updates and nonupdates are frustrating.





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  • Oct 26 2017
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