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Week-to-date hours on Daily Auto Email Report changed to client's work week not current week for SM frequency

For clients that have a Semi-monthly pay period the Daily Auto Email Report's column for Week-To-Date-Hours only shows the current days in a work week at the beginning of a new pay period not showing the hours worked in the previous pay period but that are in the same work week. For example, if a client's work week is Monday - Sunday and their pay period is Fri 9/22 - Sat 10/7 - on the Daily Auto Email report on Sat  9/23 showing the hours for Fri 9/22 the Week-To-Date-Hours column only shows the hours worked on Friday (the beginning of the pay period) not Mon 9/18 - Thu 9/21... so an ee may have 4.39 Day Overtime hours and 8.83 Week-To-Date-Hours...

This column works for all frequency but semi-monthly.

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  • Oct 19 2017
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