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Processing Rule that autocreates Login IDs and ESS Passwords for new employees, based on customized credentials

Currently, clients must manually create Login IDs and passwords for new hires in the system, which takes time and can be confusing for some of our clients.  We'd like to see a processing rule that allows us to customize the format for Login IDs, per each client, and then have the system create them automatically upon a new hire being added to the system.  From that point, the client can add or edit Login IDs/Clock numbers and passwords as desired.

This is unique to our organization, however our basic format for Login IDs across all of our products is: Company ID + First Initial of First Name + Last Name. 

- ie 1234gnasso

Here is how such a rule could be formulated:.

  • Enter preset leading characters (as desired): 1234
  • Select from the following: First Name, Last Name, First Initial Last Name, EE Code, Last 4 of SSN, etc
  • Enter Default Password: 1234Time




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  • Aug 7 2017
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