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Reinstate a scaled down version of original Delete Employee utility for Accountants

Hi team,

After speaking with Support, I understand the scope and ability of the "Delete Employees" utility for Accountant-level logins was modified to only allow for employees with no timekeeping data attached to any pay periods to be deleted.

In general, I completed support your decision to eliminate the potential to compromise essential data, especially in the event of an audit.  That said, that would be more concerned if a Client-level login had ever had this ability; the Accountant-level login would (generally) not allow for such underhanded practices.

Nevertheless, to safeguard the data but still allow Accountant-level logins to function better, can any or all of the following please be considered?

  1. If a company is a "No Bill" (Demo) company, can the Accountant's ability to Delete Employees regardless of whether or not there is timekeeping data attached please be reinstated?  In order to prepare to accommodate various demos and sectors of employment, test employees are often deleted and replaced with a more relevant set of employees, or if you are setting up a demo and want to demonstrate the audit trail and inadvertently compromised the audit trail, the ability to Delete Employees is crucial to a successful demo or training.
  2. If a company is a billable, live company, can the Accountant's ability to Delete Employees be reinstated with limited scope
    • Meaning, if the employee has no timekeeping data, keep the present functionality (allow them to be deleted).  
    • Consider implementing a "check box" visible to Accountants only to designate the employee being added is a test employee, thereby allowing the employee to be deleted at any time.
  3. If item 2 is not favorable, consider allowing Accountants to delete employees in a live company whose last name is "Test" and first name is "AAA" (disregard Middle Name/Initial in assessment) to facilitate testing new scripts or attempt to replicate other functionality/dysfunction a client reports while still being able to Delete Employee after testing is completed (not terminating them).
  4. While this can ultimately be accomplished by e-mailing the Support Team, it dis-empowers the Accountant, can cause visibility of a test employee to be seen by a live client when they otherwise would not see this employee, and creates unnecessary cases for Support to log and handle as well as for Accountants to monitor and follow-up on.  This also is an issue if you planned to delete test employees over the weekend for a client that is processing on a Monday and whose hours you do not want included in the Pay Period Subtotals report.

Please advise on consideration for item 1 and 4 as well as either item 2 or 3.  

Thank you!!

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  • Jun 14 2017
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    27 Mar, 2018 05:03pm

    Hi there,

    Re-framing this from the customer's perspective, it is especially helpful for them to have test employees added to the system so they can freely test out the system without worrying they're compromising an actual employee's data.  Every account we give the test employees to finds them helpful, even if just for having test employees to enroll at the clock during training.

    Once the client goes live, or sooner if they say so, we want to delete the test employees so they're not cluttering up their system.  While Support is wonderful at accommodating these requests, we just onboarded four clients that all started yesterday and I had to send four separate requests to Support to ask them to delete the test employees.

    Here's why a limited version of this functionality should be reinstated:

    1. It takes the accountant significantly more time to write-up four support requests to delete the test employees that it does for them to delete these employees  themselves.
    2. It exhausts support resources that could be redirected to more strategic initiatives or support issues with a higher level of complexity involved.
    3. Previously, if you wanted to create an employee with a clean audit trail for training purposes and had inadvertently deleted or otherwise compromised the audit trail on the original test employee, you were able to delete them and replace them sans the original audit trail.
    4. Once the customer is live and wants a new feature implemented, it is important to test it in their actual environment to make sure it doesn't conflict with any other scripts or functionality already in place.  To do this, you need to create a test employee.  Once a client is live, deleting the test employee immediately is more imperative.,

    Please consider reinstating this in some fashion.

    Thanks again!