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Add option that makes Pay Categories Unaccessible to employees

I have clients whose employees enter their hours onto their timesheets using the Employee Time Card Edit function through ESS.  This is a very useful tool when targeting clients that have used paper timesheets up to this point.  One big restriction of Employee Time Card Edit is that the employees can access all Pay Categories that are configured in the system.  Most clients want employees to enter their Work Hours, but would not want the employees to enter things like Vacation directly onto their timesheet.

The only work around at this point is to set User Selectable to "No" Under the Punch Categories Processing Rule, and set Time Off Requestable to "Yes".  However, this also prevents the Supervisor and Client Level from manually entering Vacation directly onto a timecard.  In this case, the only way Vacation can be entered onto a timecard is if the employee requests it and then the Supervisor/Client approves it.  Beyond just Vacation, my clients tend to have other, very specific Pay Categories they'd like to track but employees should not have access to . 

If you could add another Yes/No Menu to the Punch Categories Processing Rule, called Employee Accessable, it would be a big improvement in the system.

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  • May 17 2017
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    18 Dec, 2019 09:06pm

    Our example is a category for Bonus.  Should not be selectable by the user but Supervisor or Client levels should be able to select and add an amount to the Time Card.

  • Guest commented
    15 Nov, 2019 09:19pm

    This definitely needs to be implemented, it's a huge issue for clients.

  • Guest commented
    29 May, 2018 04:20pm

    This needs to be combined with the other Ideas that are exactly the same that have votes as well.