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Mobile App: Accept punches even when offline Merged

For the client who may leave cell service from time to time, it is necessary to still be able to punch in on the mobile app to have a time stamp. Once the phone is connected again, the app would submit the punch details

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  • Apr 4 2017
  • Future consideration
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    31 Jan, 2018 02:52pm

    I too have been countered by prospects that either already have or already know of timekeeping providers whose mobile applications will collect punches offline and then upload them when the internet connection is restored.  Even if it means the geo-tagging is lost, it would still be better to allow the users to make the punches and then have them upload at a later point than restrict them to only being able to punch when there is an internet connection.

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    21 Apr, 2017 05:14pm

    A number of our clients have employees working out in the field with little or no internet service.  A client made it very clear that other timekeeping services provide offline punches on the mobile device and would really like to see it with Swipeclock.  Adding this functionality to the mobile app would have many benefits and make it much more useful.