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Export of OT hours only for Salaried Non-Exempt employees

For FLSA compliance tracking time on salary non-exempt should be easier to import into payroll without adjustments. Currently my clients have to export all reg hours and then make edits in the payroll system to adjust for OT on their salary non-exempt staff. This makes it more time consuming and more likely to cause errors and discourages people from wanting to use the timekeeping system. I should be able to designate these employees as non-exempt and export their only their OT hours for pay. 

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  • Sep 11 2016
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    13 Jul, 2018 01:46pm

    Hi Alphia,


    I don't know your payroll system or what is required for import.  A workaround that would work in our payroll system (i-Systems Evolution) would be the following:

    • setup a special category that only applied to Salary-Non Exempt hours worked
      • ie if (employee.employeetype = "SNE"){ category = "SNE Regular"; }
    • split at the moment of OT for these employees, and change the category to "SNE OT"
      • there are articles that have scripts on how to do this.
      • you can also open a ticket with swipeclock, and they should be able to help you with little/no cost
    • in Pay Code Translation, if would map SNE Regular to a fake earning Code
      • for ex SNE Regular=Exx
    • when I go to import this file, SNE Regular hours will produce an error in my payroll system, saying there is no earning code, however the payroll system will import all other hours included on the file
    • in the case of 40 SNE Regular and 5 SNE OT, only the SNE OT would post to the employee's check

    If this would not work, I can see how you could potentially use unpay(hours) on the SNE Regular in one of the later script rules to only export SNE OT.  That said, I am not sure the other scripts would still work...?  You'd need to test/research yourself.


    Good luck!