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Finalize pay period options

I need more options when finalizing or unfinalizing pay periods. Please add date range so we can un/finalize more than one time period at a time. This has come up when a client had to go back a few pay periods to make a change and then had to do each pay period one at a time. (Classic did it this way)
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  • Jun 23 2016
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    28 Mar, 2017 07:04pm

    I agree!!


    Here is what one of my clients said. She is not the only one to express this sentiment:

    The SwipeClock software needs a critical update to eliminate the restriction that the administrator must finalize (or unfinalize) only one pay period at a time. The current restriction translates into a lot of time wasted on repetitive clicking to post an adjustment and thus regrettably encourages a quick (but wrong) fix of posting corrections to the current period rather than the period of origination. A lot of time and frustration could be avoided if SwipeClock would add options to

    1. a) open up all payrolls back to a user inputted date with a single click
    2. b) finalize all payroll through a user inputted date with a single click

     Would you please submit this request to SwipeClock and follow-up as needed to encourage them to modify the software by April 30?

    Obviously it isn't going to happen by April 30th, but it does need to happen.


    Gary Steele