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Employee Import/Export - Effective Dates!

Since many of the fields available in the bulk import work off an effective date it would be good to be able to include that in the import otherwise they have to be manually entered
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  • Jun 23 2016
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    8 Sep, 2017 11:20am

    I, too, must agree on this one and it does place significant burden on our Service Bureau to have to go in and adjust effective dates for new-hires, particularly in instances where scripting is in place and since there is no ability to script around effective dates or reference them in your coding, being able to import them as desired is almost imperative, particularly when combined with the points that Frank and Gary and all of the people who posted the legacy comments have diligently pointed out.

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    7 Sep, 2017 08:51pm

    I couldn't agree more.  Our clients change data frequently, and effective dates are really important in TW+.  By not having the option available on the import, it makes updating Employee Setup fields for large groups of employees very tedious.

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    7 Aug, 2017 06:51pm

    Is there a timeline for this function?  It continues to be a limitation for us.  It seems like a simple request to add a date to the bulk import process to use for the effective date rather than just pulling in the current system date.