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Employee setup change audit trail, reports & alerts

I need the ability to audit when changes have been made to employee setup, especially key fields like payrate. I want to be able to run report and recieve notifications of changes.
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  • Jun 23 2016
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    31 Aug, 2020 06:33pm

    Yes, Our clients are asking for this feature.

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    20 Nov, 2018 05:29pm

    This kind of a report can help save the integrity of any payroll service whose client is accusing them of changing employee details.  Without this feature, any client could change something accidentally and then falsely shift the blame on the payroll company. 

    This could help SwipeClock's vendors to protect or defend themselves and might also help to prevent their clients from leaving them.

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    20 Nov, 2018 04:16pm

    we need this! 

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    8 Oct, 2018 02:45pm

    I just requested this information this morning and was told I could get this for a $35 query fee. I'm in a bit of disbelief actually. Please understand, we must be protected users and be allowed to run audits with ease for every data field. This is crucial to scripts working properly and can determine whether we are in the good graces of a client at times. This information is just as important to have an audit log as the time card data. 

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    1 Aug, 2018 12:27pm

    I was curious if any additional consideration has been given to this or if this is on the radar for when the client/supervisor UX is redesigned come 2019.  Aside from users within a company, specifically HR personnel, benefiting from the ability to audit who made what changes to the Employee Setup data, this would be especially helpful for accountants who want to see what changes a client may have made and when so they could counsel them.

    For example, with our clients our Service Bureau maintains all of the employee data and syncs the information from the payroll system to TWP.  If a "Location" is populated in an employee's record it means that there is a corresponding Branch of the company in the payroll system that populates that Location.

    One of my clients currently has the Location field populated with data that does not correspond to the Branches setup in the payroll system.  I would like to be able to confirm it was the client (and not another internal Service Bureau user) that made this change in TWP and see when they did it.  This way, I can consult with the client to see if they need to segregate the labor for those employees they populated the Location for when we process their hours for payroll.

    Ideally, there would be an Employee Setup Audit Report that I could generate for a pay period or a specified date range, choose which Employee Setup fields I wanted included in the Audit report, and then run the report to see what changes were made to those fields I selected (i.e. the previous value and the new value), by whom, and when.

    Aside from being a highly beneficial addition to the system and provide the users and accountants with much needed insight, I imagine this can only augment compliance with the current SSAE16 (upcoming SSAE 18) audit requirements to put controls and best practices in place that facilitate transparency and review of any employee data edits.

    Thanks so much!