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PrismHR - Additional Mapping Options

With the current iteration of the PrismHR Integration, there are options to pull both name and code fields for the Division and Location as an example. However, the Position mapping only allows for mapping the code and not the description/name. Clients would like to be able to pull the full name as well as the code to make it so that there are two options there similar to Division and Location.

In addition to the above, another request is that clients sometimes prefer employees to use the work email instead of the personal email as that's what the integration pulls by default. Sometimes they would like PTO requests to go to their work email and therefore the workaround is to put the personal email in the work email field in PrismHR and the work email in the personal email field, that way TimeWorksPlus uses the one they want. If it could be mapped in the Integration Settings, that would allow for better data so that the emails are in the correct fields in PrismHR and it allows the client to choose which field syncs over to timekeeping.

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  • Oct 25 2021
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